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One to One Lessons

Whether you are a beginner, a semi-pros wanting to refine your skill-set or an advanced singer seeking vocal maintenance and guidance I would be happy to help you achieve your goal.

At your first lesson we will discuss your specific singing goals and objectives and listen to your voice. After some feedback based on what I’ve heard I will then tailor your vocal exercises to your specific vocal needs to help develop your voice.

In general a typical hour long lesson will consist of 30 minutes of vocal exercises to help build & strengthen the voice & improve general vocal technique. The second half of your lesson will focus on applying technique to a song of your choice. Lessons are always tailored specifically for your voice and to help you meet your own personal vocal goals.

I also cover audition coaching, presentation, projection, performance skills and microphone technique if required.


During lessons, we will work on:

  • · Extending the vocal range and power

  • · Connecting the voice and eliminating vocal breaks 

  • · Releasing tension in the voice enabling you to sing with a free and well-produced tone 

  • · Breath technique 

  • · Improving vocal stamina and health

  • · Strengthening the ear

  • · Building repertoire 

  • · Harmony Singing

  • · Vocal style, including improvisation and how to develop your vocal runs and riffs 

  • · Audition preparation 

*Lessons can be recorded at your request and an mp3 sent to you via email.

One to One Lessons for Children

For children under the age of 12  I recommend 30 minute lessons. Lessons focus on fun, music based activities and songs to help encourage musicality and vocal expression.

Online Singing Lessons

​Skype lessons


Have a singing lesson in the privacy of your own home online via Skype.  

To use this service you must have high-speed broadband and a webcam.

Download Skype free here:

Group Singing Sessions

3 + Students or more 

  • Harmony singing 

  • Vocal technique

  • Microphone technique


For groups of 3 or more.

Lessons are based on your own vocal needs and are tailored to the needs of your group. Areas we can focus on include:

  • Vocal technique

  • Vocal warm ups

  • Harmony Singing

  • Microphone Technique

  • Performance Technique

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